Wednesday, November 16, 2011

dress up

Dear QotD?ers,
I have been way busy or something, not keeping up with this blog.  Sorry!

So, Today's Question of the Day? is:
Thinking of your costume wearings of the past... were most of them home made?  store bought?  put together with items you already had?

The Asker


Jeannie said...

Most of my costumes were put together with things we had at home, which left room for lots of creativity. I do remember being a gypsy many years, with lots of necklaces, scarves and lots of fun make-up.

TamiJean said...

I never really got to wear costumes very often. Usually they were homemade from random stuff lying around (I remember being a hunchback one year with a balled-up car cover under my t-shirt once)

TamiJean said...
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Jessim said...

I think most of mine have been store bought, but I've occasionally put some together with stuff I have.

I'm not much of a costume wearer.

kathleen said...

All of the costumes were home made, using clothing, materials that we had at home. Perhaps buying makeup or colored hair spray. Jeannie,I was a gypsy 2 years ago and Gwyneth and Alyssa loved it. :) Another of my favorites was a 'damsel in distress' complete with princess gown(bridesmaid dress) and pointed hat and scarf. This year Martin and I were 'chili cookers' using our aprons/hat from Czhilispiel!

Mother of Three, Anne said...

Usually a mix.

The Minears said...

Mine were almost all homemade. My Granny made me a Rainbow Brite costume one year, I loved that costume!! Annelise's costumes, however, are store-bought. John's mom is in charge of buying her costume every year since we're overseas and don't have a great selection. This year she was Jessie from Toy Story and she's going to wear it again when we go to Tokyo DisneyLand this week!